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Market competition will undoubtedly bring some obstacles to hardware accessories brand enterprises. Hardware accessories enterprises in order to ensure high quality hardware doors and windows, but also need to better sell the product, for hardware accessories brand enterprise marketing model and channel selection has higher requirements. Therefore, the hardware accessories brand enterprises must make positive adjustments according to the current market changes. Only by keeping up with the market development trend and catering to the current consumer demand, the hardware accessories brand enterprises can open their own sales channels to a certain extent.

Hardware accessories brand competition in the industry to meet the market demand direction is the key.

In recent years, with the development of hardware fittings industry, the competition in the hardware fittings market is becoming more and more severe. At the same time, the increase of brand makes the competition pressure in the whole market more and more. There is a good saying: those who have access to the world, hardware accessories brand enterprises in the fierce market environment, must implement the construction of the channel. Analysis of the current hardware accessories market, due to the homogenization of hardware accessories industry products, hardware accessories brand enterprises in the development of the market, the cost problem is gradually rising. With the intensification of market competition and the change of consumers'concept, the hardware accessories brand enterprises have risen from the traditional product price competition to the marketing concept and the overall competition.

Along with the development of the Internet industry, the traditional home sales mode has been hit by the market, there are still some problems in the choice of marketing channels. Due to the different scale of hardware accessories brand enterprises, the differences between brands still exist, whether to enter large-scale home sales has become a problem that needs to be studied. At the same time, some hardware accessories brand enterprises have increased the number of distributors, and then through a period of investigation to select high-quality distributors. But this method is obviously not a long-term solution, not only high cost will also leave a bad impression on consumption. Therefore, hardware accessories brand enterprises can choose from some relatively mature agents, choose the marketing channels of successful enterprises.

No matter what marketing method is adopted, the hardware accessories brand enterprises must have their own unique advantages. Only in this way can they avoid being eliminated in the homogeneous market. Hardware accessories brand enterprises only create unique channel advantages, will survive in the fierce market competition for a long time.

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