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In order to further enrich the staff's amateur cultural life, create a harmonious and progressive corporate culture atmosphere and enhance the company's cohesiveness. On January 16, 2019, Baogao Hardware held a speech contest entitled "I am at the production site". After a fierce preliminary competition, the final 11 players stood out and stood on the stage of the finals.

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▲ speech contest scene

  The chairman of the company, Mr. Lan, and the director of Finance Tan watched the game on the spot and cheered for the players. Liu, the executive deputy general manager of the company, led the PMC manager and customer service manager to help the judges. In order to let every Baogao family participate, this speech is based on the principle of fairness and justice. The score is divided into two parts: the judge's score and the audience's score.

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▲Blue always gave a speech at the opening of the speech contest

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▲ judges' seats

  In this speech contest, I was looking forward to it, and the game was packed. At the beginning of the competition, the contestants appeared in the order before the competition. During the speech, the contestants followed the theme and presented a wonderful speech to the Baogao family present in the natural and smooth language and the typhoon. Sometimes impassioned, sometimes emotional, and full of emotions.

The style of the contestants

  Standing on the stage of Baogao Hardware “I am at the production site”, each player interprets his own attitudes and opinions from different perspectives, from different levels and from different angles, to talk about understanding, to talk about ideals, to talk about experience, to use enthusiasm, The sincere language tells the story of being at the production site. Unique and not lost, today they stood at the podium and became the protagonist of the game. They took a step and defeated themselves and opened up a new realm.

今日头条 | 宝高五金第二届演讲比赛圆满结束!

今日头条 | 宝高五金第二届演讲比赛圆满结束!

  The speeches of the contestants were more than one wonderful, winning the cheers and bursts of applause from the audience. They are a group of people who have stories and dreams. They fully demonstrate the unique personal style and hard-working new face of Baogao Hardware's new generation of employees, and inject a new energy into the prosperity of Baogao Hardware. On the stage, they talked about their post's experience at the production site and their vision for the future. From them, we have seen the transformation and growth, I believe that in the environment of Baogao hardware, everyone can finally break into a butterfly!

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▲The judges made comments for the players


  After two hours of fierce competition, the speech contest finally came to a successful conclusion. The judges commented on the players one by one. All the contestants performed well in the competition and were highly praised by the on-site judges. In the comprehensive rating, Chen Meiying, the sales department, performed the best and won the first prize in the second keynote speech competition. Chen Hongwu of the sandblasting workshop won the second prize, and Qiu Genlong of the R&D department won the third prize.

  Mr. Blue gave affirmation to the wonderful speeches of the players. And promised that similar speech contests will continue to be held, the purpose is to encourage more colleagues of Baogao to actively learn and enrich themselves, and to better serve customers; to build a good communication platform for colleagues and to form a learning skills. A good atmosphere of learning from each other. Encourage the company's leaders to award trophies, glory certificates and generous prizes to the winners! ! !

今日头条 | 宝高五金第二届演讲比赛圆满结束!

今日头条 | 宝高五金第二届演讲比赛圆满结束!

▲The company's leaders presented awards to the winners

今日头条 | 宝高五金第二届演讲比赛圆满结束!

 At the end of the game, President Liu commented on the competition. First of all, thank you for your active participation in this competition, and the speech that won such a good result in a short time was shocking. I believe that with the efforts of all the family members of Baogao, everyone will make progress together and grow together. Baogao’s tomorrow will be getting better and better!

The "I am in the production workshop" speech contest ended on the evening of January 16. However, Baogao people will continue to maintain a thick and thin life on the road of life, relying on strength, grasping opportunities, never giving up, full of hot pillows, blooming brilliance, creating brilliance~

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