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Daji | 2019 Baogaoアルミ製ドアと窓のハードウェアアクセサリーを始めて、新しい旅を始めましょう!

時間を発表する:2019-02-16             ラベル:Baogaoハードウェア、ドアおよびウィンドウハードウェアアクセサリー、アルミ製ドアおよびウィンドウアクセサリー            閲覧回数:

The joy of the Spring Festival is still in my heart.

The new starting point is already at your feet!

New year new life

At the beginning of the first month of February 14, 2019

Baogao Hardware officially started!

2019, start a new journey and head towards a new goal!

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

Baogao Hardware 2019 started construction site

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

Baogao Hardware Factory Headquarters - In 2010, Baogao went to new glory

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

Baogao Hardware Fengchimen City - 2019 Baogao will be a grand exhibition

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

Blue always gave a speech on the opening of 2019

  At the meeting, Chairman Lan’s speech for the New Year gave a wonderful New Year’s greeting. Encourage all the family to make persistent efforts, create new achievements in their respective positions, challenge the new high, and add lustre to the development of the company in 2019. At the same time, I hope that all the Baogao families will be in full swing in the new year, and everything will go well!

The red envelope is open, the good thing is coming.

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

Chairman of the Board of Directors Lan Zong, Executive Deputy General Manager Liu Zong and Chief Financial Officer Tan Zong personally gave the Baogao family a "opening year", which means that in the new year, good luck and good luck. In the new year, Baogao Hardware will surely make great progress and create new achievements.

Firecrackers ringing

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

Blue always ignited the firecrackers that symbolize auspicious celebrations. The firecrackers were long and deafening. The red firecracker paper covered the ground, symbolizing the opening of Baogao Hardware and embarking on a new journey in the Year of the Pig.

New Year's New Weather, Baogao Hardware is ready to go

开工大吉 | 2019 宝高铝门窗五金配件再启新征程!

 The new year, the new hope, the new cultivation, let us unite in one heart, unite with one heart, be brave in pioneering, work hard, and jointly write a new chapter of Baogao Hardware...

2019, Baogao hardware is ready!

Do not read the past, not afraid of the future!

2019, look forward to continuing to walk with you!

Let us witness the glory together!

In 2019, Baogao Hardware officially set sail! !

  Baogao Hardware thank you for your continued support and attention! In the new year, we will be happy to provide our customers with new and better products and services.

  I wish the customers and friends: good luck, happiness, great prosperity, business prosperity, and good fortune!

Start work, firepower is fully open, welcome to order!

At the same time, we also welcome our customers and friends to come to Baogao Hardware for on-the-spot investigation!

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